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About Chosial

Our core business

Our core-business is promoting real estate on behalf of real estate agents. Chosial connects real estate supply and demand from a huge and fast growing target group of Chinese citizens, both in and outside China, who wish to buy residential or commercial real estate in the Netherlands and Europe. Communication plays a crucial role in this process. It will come as no surprise that communicating with Chinese people is complex and almost impossible for anyone who doesn’t understand one of the many languages or dialects and is not familiar with Chinese culture.

One target group

Chosial’s mission is to provide real estate agents with an additional marketing tool to find potential buyers. Very different from what is currently offered, we focus on one specific target group: Chinese people.  A European real estate agent without Chinese roots will not be able to reach out to hundreds of thousands of potential buyers in China or Europe. The way we support real estate agent businesses is unique in more ways than one and the underlying technology used has already proven itself in many varied market segments.

Chosial combines general available technology (websites) and the most used social communication tool in the world (We Chat) to provide a unique and unmatched way to communicate with the target group. Furthermore, we offer translation services and support during on-site viewings via video communication or in person. Questions from Chinese interested parties regarding visa, insurances, bank accounts etc. will be answered by Chosial.

The process

The process, for real estate agents, to make use of our services is simple. If your customer, in addition to the traditional tools such as photos, video, Funda, mainstream social media etc., wishes to reach out to the Chinese prospects, you can make use of our business to business services. In order to do so, register on our site and order a package. As soon as the transaction is complete Chosial will place the property on the appropriate social media platforms.

The underlaying technology

Chosial uses Chinese internet tools to reach out to Chinese potential buyers. An estimated 800 million Chinese citizens make use of the internet, making frequent use of search engines. The figures are impressive: more than 750 million people currently do business on a Chinese search engine. The most popular search engines in China are: Baidu and Qihoo 360 Search, together they account for a market share of approximately 84%. Google’s search engine plays a marginal role in China and Google currently has a third place market share of 7.4%, far behind Qihoo 360 Search (24.6%) and Baidu (60.3%).

Chinese people only use Chinese online communication tools. Internet users quickly and easily form communities based on unique and specific interests. One of these interests is ‘buying real estate outside of China’. We use Baidu to publish and advertise properties to the Chinese. Once the property is posted on Baidu and Qihoo 360 Search, it will be shared with at least 10 digital newsletters such as China Post and 0538-News. The properties we post on your behalf will be on the home-page for 6 months and on the site itself for a further 6 months.
wechat_logo_300dpi_300pxThe second tool Chinese use is We Chat (click on the We Chat logo for more information). We Chat provides text messaging, hold-to-talk voice messaging, broadcast (one-to-many) messaging, video conferencing and many more functionalities. We Chat has 700 million active users, with more than 80 million users outside China.

Chosial has build it’s own We Chat business portal (Chosial Real Estate Platform | 欧洲房产信息平台) to post properties and to communicate directly to Chinese visiting our platform. How often posts will be shared, is unpredictable. Still: where hundreds of millions can be reached, there is a better chance “someone” will be interested in buying the property.



chosialrewechat_qr_500You can follow our Chosial’s Weekly Posts if you open a We Chat account. You can easily add Chosial to your contacts. Go to ‘Discover’, ‘Scan QR Code’ and finally Enter Official Account. You will be notified in the folder ‘Subscription Accounts’ when a new post is available.