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Chosial Promotion Packages

Our core-business is promoting real estate to Chinese buyers and investors. Wherever they are.

There are a few steps to make before you can use Chosial. Once registration is done, go to My Chosial to order a Chosial Promotion Package which suits you best.  As soon as you have made the payment, you start uploading. If you not choose to do the uploading yourself, Chosial can do that for you ( € 12,50 per listing).

Chosial offers the following packages:


  • 1 listing,
  • 1 year on chosial.cn,
  • 20 words translated to Chinese,
  • 4 pictures on chosial.cn


  • 1 listing,
  • 1 year on chosial.cn,
  • 100 words translated to Chinese,
  • 20 pictures on chosial.cn,
  • 1 video


  • package of 5 listings,
  • 1 year on chosial.cn,
  • 500 words translated to Chinese,
  • 100 pictures on chosial.cn,
  • 5 videos

In addition to these packages, you can order extra listings, your own Agent page, banner promotion and an extra SEO-marketing promotion. Newly added: Video Promotion of your agency or the property.

If you have any questions or a specific request, please contact us by using the link in the footer of the site.


Video introductie voor uw makelaarskantoor: